New Business Formation

Providing a Promising Start for Your Venture

You’re eager to bring your dream of owning a business into reality. But the gap between a business idea and a fully realized business is wide, with a lot of work in between.

At Chursenoff Accountancy, Inc., we help go-getters in Roseville make their business launch a success with our new business formation services. From entity naming to drafting a business plan, we use our full expertise to provide you with the tools you need.

Don’t navigate your business launch blind. Make an appointment today to find out how we can help!

Helping You Work Smarter from the Start

One of our most valuable services is helping you turn your vision into a concrete business plan. We spend time working through your ideas with you and figuring out what it takes to make them a reality. Identifying your capital, setting a budget, and clarifying short- and long-term goals are all part of the business planning process.

Not only does a solid business plan provide you with direction, but it’s vital for acquiring capital and credit lines. Potential lenders want to know that you are responsible and can be trusted to pay your debts. A professionally-made business plan lets them know you are a worthwhile investment, and having a CPA on your side lends even more credibility to your pitch.

The Right Entity Type Promotes Business Growth

You may not realize how big an impact the entity type you select has on your business, and may be tempted to choose one at a cursory glance. However, this simple registration can have major consequences for your company’s future.

The business entity decides:

  • Who gets a say in business plans and operations
  • How and when income gets taxed
  • Who can invest, and how much
  • Who is liable for the business, and what they can be held liable for

Choosing the wrong type can lead to tax trouble and liability issues. It may also mean a costly restructuring down the line when your entity type makes it harder for your business to grow. We help you evaluate your business and choose the entity that best fits your company’s needs, both now and in the future.

Financial Expertise You Can Depend On

Chursenoff Accountancy, Inc. has worked with many aspiring entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. We’re passionate about helping up-and-coming businesses like yours hit the ground running. Contact our Roseville office and schedule a consultation today!

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